Helen Heath
And as the first bit of real news on Seraph Press's new site, Helen Heath, author of Watching for Smoke, puts herself in the interviewee's chair. Following on from her interviews with other creative types, she videoed herself answering questions about her creative process, how she manages to write as the mother of two children, how she arranges her books, and more. Watch it here on her blog: http://www.helenheath.com/2-jan-2011/quick-ten-helen-heath.

There are only a few copies of Watching for Smoke left, so if you'd like one, flick us an email.

Finally Seraph Press has a proper website, with a proper URL. This will be easier to manage than the old site, and has a built-in blog, so it will be easier for us to tell you what Seraph Press and Seraph Press authors are up to. You can even subscribe via RSS feed. We're finally joining the 21st century.

If you're interested in old Seraph Press news, you can find it here in the News archive section.